Tatering level 1 – play the name of each chord

Level 1 is the easiest.  I actually get a new student to do this in the very first lesson, mainly just to give them a musical experience right away!  Even if they do not hold the bow correctly, or know anything about fingering yet, in the first lesson, we can usually get the student to play an open A string with a (mostly) steady beat.  In its most basic version, the famous fiddle tune “Cotton Eyed Joe” is just a one chord song (A).  Getting the student to play that A with a steady beat  essentially “backs-up” the tune while I play the more advanced melody (which I’m sure to tell them that they will also learn soon enough!).  It’s an “instant duet!”  The result is almost without fail a huge smile as they, for the first time, experience the thrill and psychic muse connection that happens when two people play music together.  I never tire of seeing that smile!  …and it gives me great satisfaction knowing that I had something to do with it!

Video of this and other easy back-up tunes coming soon:>>

Here’s a copy of the ‘Tatering Overview” video for now (more specifics coming soon):


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