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I know, it’s really not very realistic to think that I can teach everybody how to jam myself!  The problem is: I’ve found that most teachers are pretty clueless when it comes to jamming in the classroom… sorry teachers, it’s not your fault!  That old Classical-only education is about all that existed for a very (too) long time; and now that we have those new pesky “standards” to keep up with (that include alternative styles and improvisation), it’s become really important stuff!  Never fear Fiddle Jam is here!   I was once “in the trenches” as Elementary & Middle school string teacher myself!

I’ll be adding materials as I can with the intention a developing a full fledged teacher training course in the future.  For now, learn to jam yourself, and I’ll start throwing teaching tips your way, culled from my experiences as, not only an ex-school teacher, but an “arts integration” specialist, clinician, lecturer, private studio teacher, gigging guy, and recording artist.  Stay tuned!

  • First lesson = musical experience
  • Fiddle Tune backups as the second lesson
  • Bile them Cabbage Down – EZ (4 notes)
  • Bowing Rhythms on scales – created by student
  • Student & Teacher co-song creations
  • Fiddler’s Tab vs Note Names & Finger Numbers
  • much more to come!  Feel free to add to the list in the comments below!…
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