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This where we will keep information about technical problems you may run into while trying to access FJi lesson materials.

Can’t find or play the audio backing tracks: One of the first problems that we ran into was a member who could not access any of the audio players that are embedded in most of the lessons!  Music being pretty important to a music lesson site, this was fairly concerning to us! ;~) …As it turns out, he was trying to view the materials on an iPad.  Though iPads (and other “mobile” devices like smart phones, etc…) are a very cool and useful items to have and use, they do not commonly use “Flash”… a computer language that seems to be good at making items move (like the data in an audio player, and other fancy “dancing icons” on websites you see).  The iPad does NOT come with this on it, but the good news is that you CAN get it from an online seller, for a nominal charge.  

Bottom line fix: If you can, use a laptop or desktop computer for your surest results while accessing Fiddle Jam Institute materials, but if you must (or it is all you have), you can get a flash player installed on your mobile device and have very few (if any) problems!

*As of late 2016 FJi should be fully accessible for all mobile technology users.  Some of the pages may look a bit different here and there but all the content should be there for your use on smart phones or tablets.  

Our webmaster “Kumquat” suggests:

1) Steve Jobs disliked Flash, and chose not to include it on the iPad.  Here’s why:

2) I did test iSwifter Browser and it did work fine.  The down side?  It is not free, but these are solutions for people who can only access Fiddle Jam Institute on an iPad.

3) There is also the “Puffin Web Browser” but that is not free either.  In summary, it is possible to use the site with an iPad (and I would presume an iPhone as well), but it would require the user to purchase one of these Flash compatible browsers.

4) This guy found a way, but super complicated:

Hope all this helps!



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