The Rarest Rose

“Beyond the Book” series lesson #4


It’s philosophical, but true, we must take the time to smell this most delicate aroma.

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 From the Book:

Jam Stuff: audio explanation and preparation from the Fiddle Jam Book CD:

Jam Example: Audio Jam with Geoff and accompaniment from the Fiddle Jam Book CD:

“Go it alone!” Fiddle Jam Book CD audio, accompaniment only:

Aromatherapy: the beauty of the Ballad.
Scale/Key: G Major
Notes: any, G, A, B, C, D, E, or, F#’s
EZ Zone: 0, 1, h2, 3, on the G and D strings
Preparation: Run the EZ-Zone to warm your ears up to it, breathe deep, loosen up, and get your mind ready to listen.
Simple: Start and end on a G.  Stay within the EZ-Zone and you can’t go wrong!   Remember, it’s your creation, so play whatever YOU feel sounds good as you respond to the cut.
Advanced: See/hear “Jam Stuff” on the CD for an idea or two.  Try to hear what you’d like to play further ahead of time (at least a measure).  There’s plenty of time in the ballad style – take it.  Developing this internal listening ability is “THE” skill to have and a measure of true greatness (*see page 58).

AtoodzGmajFB ALL NNCrop.001
Listening Lesson: Listen to the chord progression.  Can you hear where it is headed?  Can you tell when it starts again?  There is a middle “B” section in this example, can you find/hear it?
Troubleshooting: Don’t trick yourself into thinking that what you play has to be the most amazingly beautiful thing you’ve ever heard.  Playing anything to a beautiful background such as this will make you sound great!  Relax, keep it simple, use lots of bow, but lightly, to help your tone be big and fat yet a bit airy too, always concentrating within to find your best ideas.


P.J. (Post Jam): Tell yourself (or have someone else tell you – and they really might mean it you know!) that what you just improvised was so beautiful that even the angels were smiling!
Rarest Rose backing track No Violin:

Rarest Rose book track, jam with Geoff:

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