Truck Talk – Beginner Lesson Approaches

Happy New Year 2016!  I’m thinking on some new approaches to reaching more people who can benefit from what I have to offer.  Though absolute beginner lessons was something I consciously avoided in the early development of the Fiddle Jam Institute, with recent successes of some of my beginner violin videos on YouTube (80,000 views and counting!), I’m starting to brew on reaching that larger group of violinists!  Maybe there’s some unique value that I can offer?

Here’s my thoughts:  I’m looking for input on what you think I should cover or not cover, or if more beginner lessons are necessary at all!  Listen to this Truck Talk and feel free to leave me some comments below.


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  1. tom nickel January 17, 2016 at 3:58 pm #

    Two comments:
    1.) FWIW, I’ve created 3 volumes of “Learn to Play Cajun Accordion” video DVD’s. The “very beginner” volume greatly outsells the more advanced volumes. Point being, just-beginning students may just have the most need for lessons 🙂
    2.) Since I’ve been playing other instruments for decades and am new to the violin, my needs are more aligned with learning performing-technique and the ability to jump into jams. So, major/minor pentatonic scales and blues phrasing and such are important to me.

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