Truck Talk – Future of Music = Past?

Here’s another installment of my thoughts of the day.  This one’s fairly short at just a little over 9 minutes.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Leave me some comments!

In-a-nutshell: It used to be that live music was all there was.  Then recordings and radio were invented.  These changed the way music was “delivered” to listeners/consumers.  Then music TV was invented.  This made live music even less important or relevant (“like, why should I go out and risk getting a DWI, when I can just stay home and get stoned and listen to all the music I want!?”).  More recently the digital revolution has made most music free and super easy to copy and share.  Where does that leave the music makers? …with a changed game.  

I believe that it’s coming back to… live music!  Live music will reign as the only commodity that performing musicians will be able to control. And, in my opinion, live music that is more improvised will probably be better at bringing your audience back, as it will never be the same twice!  There will always be something of interest enough for them to be repeat customers!

The Fiddle Jam Institute can help you be prepared for this future!!!!

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