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Though the primary goal of the Fiddle Jam Institute is to help anyone have fun while they become a masterful and creative improviser on the violin and its related family of instruments, and I personally believe this to be almost more of a spiritual quest than anything else, it may be surprising to some, that I am so “jazzed” about some of the newest scientific experiments and discoveries that are appearing lately.

I have high hopes for the place where science and music are meeting.   The tuning of machines and combinations of waves are things musician’s are well versed in, and I think that is could well be YOU who are the ones to make this music/science marriage happen into the future!

Things of interest to me are those that can make the world a better, cleaner, safer, and more productive place to be.  How about a device that only needs a 9 volt battery that can eliminate the air pollution for a whole city?!  I’ve heard of such a device.  This device needs to be “tuned” by a sensitive person to match the vibrations of it’s locale.  Sound far out?  These types of things are here now… just in the “fringes” and not in the mainstream quite yet.  Another area of interest to us all is called the “Free Energy” movement.  How much more time would all of us have to do good, creative, and healing things for ourselves and others if we did not have to work so hard just to pay for our energy needs?  No gasoline for your car?  No electric bill for your home?  Free heat in the winter?  Free air conditioning in the summer?  Sound like it would be too good to be true?  How about a cure for diseases like cancer that requires no surgery or damaging chemotherapy, but just uses the correct frequency to heal?  All of these things, and more, are being currently proven as real and viable.  I find them exciting.  I believe that to be excited about good and positive things is a good thing in itself and makes life worth living!  The more we all think about, and share these newest of revolutionary ideas the quicker they can come out of the “fringes” and into the mainstream to make this world a better place to be!

I will post things of interest below for your enjoyment, wonder, amazement, excitement, inspiration, and comments:


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