Electric Violin Pick-Up info & reviews

I will place my violin pick-up information and reviews here.  

For those who do not know what a “pick-up” is… it is simply a device that “picks up” the sound vibration of an instrument to make an electric signal that can then be amplified with a speaker system of some sort (guitar amp, PA system, etc…).  The “picking up” of the sound can be done in a number of ways:

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PS: Sept 2015: Besides the readily available pickups I review below, I am currently R&Ding a new kind of electric violin pickup in my Outlaw Fiddle shop!  I’ll keep you all posted as to my developments via the Fiddle Jam Institute Newsletter.  Early prototypes are showing much promise for an electric violin that could plug into any standard guitar amp and go toe-to-toe with any electric guitar sonically!  This will be all accomplished without any extra circuitry like preamps and EQ’s.  To date, I’ve done about 250+ experiments and tests.  I will offer “insider’s” first crack at the first available models.  Stay tuned!!


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