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Check out these Jazz lesson pages (links below)!  Jazz, as you may well know, is a style that originated in the New Orleans, LA, USA area that uses improvisation as its main feature.  In general, Jazz musicians play the melody (or “head”) once while the backing instruments accompany them, then that same accompaniment continues as the “soloists” take turns improvising new melodies over the top before coming back together at the end for one last play through of the melody.  Variations on this idea are endless, and the song forms are also sometimes made up on the spot, but the head-solos-head sandwich format is the most common in Jazz by far, and has even influenced other styles, like the new “alternative fiddling” that I’ve been hearing that last 10+ years now, where fiddlers will play an old tune, then jam over it before playing the tune together at the end again… just like Jazz!

Gypsy Jazz is an off-shoot of Jazz that came out of Paris France in the 1930’s & 40’s.  Lore says that Django Reinhardt and his musical partner, violinist Stephane Grappelli were just trying to copy the American Louis Armstrong records they heard.  We have a separate section for Gypsy Jazz here.

Jazz Lessons:
All of Me
Autumn Leaves
Babik – gypsy BeBop
Bone Bossa” – bossa nova jazz tune lesson
It Don’t mean a Thing (if it ain’t got that swing) – famous jazz song
It’s Time to Go” jazz tune with bossa nova/swing mix
The Joy of Awareness – Bossa Nova style jazz
Sweet Georgia Brown
Weeblo’s Wobble

I hope you enjoy and learn from these.  There are many more to come!


Here’s an auto-generated list of every lesson we have that has the “Jazz” category assigned to it.  These will include not only the esson that are directly about Jazz tunes, but also Gypsy Jazz and any Jam lesson that has a Jazz-y style.



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