Blues Violin Course complete!

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Complete Blues Violin Course!  Foundational!  Inspirational! Get Hip to the grand-daddy of all pop music styles!  Yes, your expressive fiddle/violin is made for the blues!



Fiddle Jam Institute’s Complete Blues Violin Course!

Get Hip on your Violin/Fiddle!  The Blues is where it all starts!  The Blues is the basis for all popular music of the last 100+ years! Learn all the cool stuff… the easy way!  Songs, blues scales, know-how, chord progressions, accompaniment parts and “bass” lines make it all easy and fun to get the hang of this foundational, influential and very American style.


  • 21 Primer Lessons  will get you prepared for the 12 main “Deep Dive” song or tune oriented lessons **See the first 4 primers for FREE right now by clicking HERE!
  • 3 main Modules of 4 songs each (12 total) + Bonuses in Module 3!
  • 12 Songs or Tune Lessons In-The-Style-Of (ITSO) famous Blues artists like BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, T-Bone Walker, Little Walter, the Stray Cats, and also borrow from more Blues oriented pop artists like ZZ Top, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers, and others… Yes!  Your violin can do all this!!
  • Deep Dive” approach that will include learning all aspects of each song for all levels of students, near-beginner to advanced.
  • Learn melodies by ear and by eye (video), or written charts that include standard staff notation, note names/finger numbers &/or fiddler’s tab to accommodate all type of music learners.
  • EZ Improv (the main event in Blues music!) Geoff’s specialty is teaching improvisation in the easiest possible non-scary ways!
  • Music Mechanics (Theory) is presented in easy to understand and useful ways and will include information about note and chord number systems used in the Blues.
  • Play-Along Backing Tracks downloadable to your device.
  • Performance video of Geoff playing the song for your study or inspiration.
  • Performance coaching tips, tricks, and approaches.
  • Riff training based on the highlights of Geoff’s performance of each song.
  • Advanced theory and improvisation lessons as needed.
  • Blues History & Geography North, South East and West all had unique sounds!
  • Ask Questions and get help via our comment forms.
  • Info on electrifying your fiddle (not necessary if you do not have an electric violin)
  • Be prepared to sit in with any band!
  • And More!!!!

Get access to the 21 Primer videos and All course lessons right away (as soon as we manually flip your access switch behind the scenes – please give me 24 hours).  No worries if you do not keep up, go on vacation, etc… the lessons will be waiting for you for life!

*Note: Regular prices for this package would total $268.85!  Get this insider’s special price now for only $197!

Blues Violin Course FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):
Q: I’ve only been playing a few months, am I advanced enough to learn from this course?  A: Yes!  The melodies are quite easy, but very fun, and the jamming is based on my EZ-Zone approach (two string symmetrical boxed finger patterns).  This course will propel you forward like no other!
Q: I’m a fairly advanced Classically trained violinist who can only read and am pretty intimidated to try improvisation (but would like to give it a try).  Do you think that I will be able to do this?  A: Yes! Absolutely!  I pride myself in being able to coax even the most improv-phobic into having fun while straying off the page!  Your musical soul needs this!
Q: 12 weeks?  That seems like a pretty long commitment for me.  What if I miss a week?  A: No problem at all.  You will have lifetime access to the course materials and you are under no obligation to keep up with anyone but yourself.
Q: Will I need an electric violin to play the Blues?  A: No. Though I will teach some about what it’s like to play an electric violin with distortion and electronic effects (pretty fun) in the course, it is not a requirement at all as all Blues styles can be played on either acoustic or electric violin.
Q: I’m more of an Old-Time fiddler, but feel that I play a little stiff sometimes.  Will this course help me loosen up and learn some cool fiddle tricks like slides and stuff?  A: Yes!  I’m all about those elements of the style and still cover them in detail as applied to each song.
Q: OK, I admit it… I’ve been sort of biased against the Blues and have thought it too dumb and simple to be of value to play or learn in the past, but when I hear you play it, I hear subtle things that you do that pull my ear into the scales and chords that make it sound more interesting to me.  Can you teach me how to do that?  A: Absolutely!  I will have more advanced subtleties in each song lesson too!
Q: What if I find that the course is just not for me?  A: Just let me know and I will be glad to refund your money.
Q: I notice that many of the famous artists that you say we will be copying and learning from are mostly guitarists.  Why not Blues violinists?  A: Firstly there are not that many Blues violinists to copy (yet ;~).  Secondly, the guitar is about 60 years ahead of the violin as far as the electric gear and popularity goes. Guitar has been the king of the Blues for a long time.  We can learn much from their mastery.
Q: I’ve been reading off the written page for so long that I’m not sure that I’ll ever be comfortable with improvising, but I still yearn to explore some of these alternative-violin worlds you talk about, and the Blues seems like a good place to start.  Can I skip the improvisation parts of this course and still get anything out of it? A: Yes, of course.  Every song lesson will have plenty of riffs and tricks, melodies, bass lines  and back-up parts to learn.  I am here to support you in wherever your musical journey takes you, and, from wherever you are beginning from!  No two learners are exactly alike.

Any more questions?  Just ask!  Use any contact form you can find throughout the Fiddle Jam Institute website and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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