Sugarfoot Rag Lessons

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Sugarfoot Rag Complete Fiddle Tune Lesson

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Learn this cool tune and everything about it!

With a “something-for-every-learner” approach, the melody is written out in traditional staff notation for music readers, but also notated in Fiddler’s Tab and note names/finger numbers too.  The melody is also taught by rote, in a video, one note at a time.  Four fingering charts show you all the melody notes, as well as three different improvisation approaches.  Multiple videos (9!) take you through every possible technical pitfall for this tune too (how to reach the pinky notes, do cool finger slides, and where and when to use the lowered or raised 2nd finger).  Additional videos take you through performance tips and improvisation examples.  Multiple play-along audio tracks take you from slower tempo single fiddle to full jam-band styles. Note: this pdf file lesson format is new to us at this point (Jan 2016), and initial beta-testing found that the 3 embedded audio track may not play on every computer system, so I will also include them separately in the total digital bundle package just to be sure you get them.

Technical level overall is on the upper end of beginner.  Use of the 4th finger is needed for this song, as well as knowing the difference between lowered & raised 2nd fingers.

Materials delivery: download includes a pdf file with all text instruction and finger chart graphics with clickable links to online private video content.  Audio tracks are also included in the download bundle.

Questions about this product?  Just ask below!  See a sneak peak of the lesson here.


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